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Organic farming is constantly evolving around the world. Farmers, above all, adhere to deeply entrenched values​​. In fact, each stage of production must be considered rigorously in order to meet specifications established by an organic certifying body that governs this type of production. Seeds, inputs, methods and packaging are just some of the important elements that give organic farming its identity.

In Quebec, the Conseil des appellations réservées et des termes valorisants (CARTV) develops provincial standards surrounding organic farming. Our certifier Québec Vrai refers to this organization, which acts on behalf of Quebec’s Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ). As our products are exported elsewhere in Canada, we are also certified by the OACC, ensuring that we adhere to national standards.


Beyond all the support regarding production methods, there is the desire to build a better world for future generations. This is the vision we strive to uphold through each of our daily actions related to the production of our tomatoes. It’s a continually evolving process that is strengthened by our belief that organic farming is not about the agriculture of the past, but rather it is a move toward the agriculture of tomorrow.


Les aliments des serres Sagami sont certifiés Aliments du Québec.

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